The View from a Bali Beach

Looking seaward from Kuta Beach

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them once or twice.)

Several days ago I was looking through some images I had scanned from 30-year-old slides and found an image taken on Bali looking out to sea from the beach.

Unfortunately the image showed the age of the slide more than I liked, so I played around in Photoshop adding a texture and using a soft light blending mode.  This is the result, and I must admit that I rather like it.

By the way, the white line along the center of the image is caused by waves crashing into the reef forming the lagoon.

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3 Responses to “The View from a Bali Beach”

  1. Ms. A Says:

    A place I can only imagine in my dreams… and you’ve been there! Beautiful photo!

  2. Betsy Adams Says:

    That one turned out GREAT…. Amazing how much photos are these days as opposed to years ago.. BUT–you did a great job with this one…


  3. Linda, Shenandoah Valley Says:

    It’s quite lovely! But I’m seeing snowflakes coming down over your blog which don’t quite match the tropical scene. 😉

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