Dierks Lake, Arkansas


(This picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.  Clicking a second time will make it full-sized.)

Most of you know that Betsy and I go to Mt. Nebo in Arkansas each Spring.  We try to visit a new place each time we go, and a couple of years ago we stopped by Dierks Lake, a lake formed on the Saline River in Arkansas.  I got a picture of this old tree trunk along the shore, and I thought it would make a great painting.

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6 Responses to “Dierks Lake, Arkansas”

  1. Betsy Adams Says:

    Beautiful picture of that beautiful lake…. That was such a peaceful place —and it was even more peaceful that day since we were almost the only people there!!!! Loved it…

  2. Linda, Shenandoah Valley Says:

    I think it would too.

  3. Carletta Says:

    It does make a lovely painting! I can see this on a stretched canvas.

  4. Marsha Says:

    George, It would make a great painting. I have a piece of driftwood almost identical to that one in my “dry creek” that runs along the front of our property. Wonderful picture. Thanks. – Marsha

  5. Sartenada Says:

    Real art. I love it.

  6. Amanda MN Says:

    I just saw this link in a message from Betsy, I’m so glad to find it, George – this is beautiful!
    She was commenting back about your western adventures. . What beautiful sights you guys saw!!

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